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Your Non Denominational 

Wedding Ceremony

I have studied about most of the Great World Religions and have a sensitivity to ALL expressions of Religious Belief.  It is my practice to perform a ceremony that takes into consideration the information that a couple has shared with me during our pre-marital consultation.

My years of work in Marriage & Family Counseling enable me to understand the subtle dynamics that go on in a relationship and to focus on areas that I have found to be important in marriage.

Together we can create Wedding Memories that you will cherish!

Dr. Micki

Wedding Ceremonies in Las Vegas, Nevada

Non-Denominational Weddings, Same-Gender Weddings,

​Inter-Denominational & Multi-Denominational Weddings in Las Vegas, Nevada

I am delighted that you have chosen to investigate the possibility of my participation with you on the most important day of your life - your wedding day!

​Each ceremony that I perform is tailored to suit the couple that I am involved with for that particular wedding - I perform Non-Denominational, Inter-Denominational, Multi-Denominational and Same Sex Weddings in Las Vegas, Nevada